Pershall in the spring

Sometimes there are years you will always remember and 2020 will without doubt be one of them. The year the virus struck. At the time of writing it is estimated that 50,000 people have died in the UK from or in some way connected to the Corona virus which causes an illness spookily called Covid-19 like a disease made up by the writer of science fiction.

We’ve been locked down now for eight weeks; and I’ve been out just three times, twice to the postbox and once for a walk. The dog is old now and finds walks too tiring so I’ve used my energy to work in the garden.

It’s about a third of an acre in all and isn’t pristine normally, nor so this year. However I feel more on top of it than in the past and knowing that we aren’t likely to be going away much as the year progresses I’m growing more home produce than ever. Anyway have a look, and enjoy: