Things to make you smile

There are lots of things in life that make us smile, but none more so than other people’s mistakes especially when it comes to the use of our language, or should I say misuse.

Despite what people might say, the vast majority of people who earn their living working with words are genuine, don’t make things up and spend a lot of time checking not just the facts, but that their text is mistake free and that it doesn’t contain any oddities like this one I saw in the Whitby Gazette, an eye witness who didn’t see a thing.

I just love eye-witnesses who didn’t see a thing

You’d think printed notices and posters would be error free, given that often the typesize is larger and mistakes would be easy to spot.  Not so.

The wellington’s look uncomfortable anyway

This caught my eye in the beautiful Cornish town of Padstow.  If you can overlook the impact that a certain TV chef is having on the town it is a great place to go for a break or a holiday and there are plenty of other places to eat if you don’t want to pay TV chef prices.   The idea of this “sculpture” was to raise money for the RNLI.

Place names and road signs are always good to watch out for, this one I spotted in Lancashire made me laugh:

Who on earth decided on this name

I spotted another rather wonderful oddity in a shopping centre in Guia, near Albufeira, on the Algarve  – a toy shop that took its smaller clients seriously:

Spotted in a shopping centre in Guia, on the Algarve

This one really puzzled me if you can pardon the pun.  I was killing a moment or two (keeping the brain active) with a game of Solitaire and really struggled to get this game moving.  I just couldn’t work it out until I realised…..well see if you can spot the issues: