Hello world!

I’ve finally retired.   Well that’s the official story.  I’ve actually retained some clients but my workload has been reduced by 90% leaving me lots of free time to do all those things I’ve always said I wanted to do….spend more time boating, touring with the new caravan, gardening, walking and…….

The first couple of months, while not the worst winter months I’ve ever experienced, don’t seem to have been conducive to do more than tidy my office.  Although I’ve created a landfill site worth of paper shreddings, I still have a landfill of files and it is those files that have been my undoing.

The dog has had to cross his legs while I sat wondering at the memorabilia I’ve collected over the years: newspaper clippings of stories covered long ago, photographs, tapes, and CDs of once loved radio productions;  event programmes, award certificates, each of them adding piece to the jigsaw of the life of DTP.

Mrs P has started to hide when I shout the words “just look at this” and I’m sure my facebook friends are tired of my avalanche of postings.

And then there’s this, the new website.   Why?  Because I can is probably the only answer I can offer.  I deny it’s simply an online brag.  I just wanted to share some of the things I’ve done and seen and, hopefully, am still to do and see, with anyone who was interested.

So please do have a look around,  hopefully there is enough information for you you to enjoy what you find but don’t be shy about contacting me if you have any questions or wonder “just where is that place”.